Nathanaël Khodl Bootstrapping Developer

I'm mostly doing some 💻 dev, focusing on making popular 🤖 chatbots services, some personal projects reaching millions of users. I 🚀 travel as I work, and when it comes to business, 💩 no bullshit is my motto.

My latest posts

May 6 2016

When is A.I. really useful in chatbots?

In my last post, I said something controversial. I told you that “A.I. sucks (most of the time)”. What did I mean by ‘most of the time’? In this post I want to clarify that comment, looking at when AI works.

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Apr 30 2016

Why Chatbots Don’t Suck, but A.I. Does (Most of the Time)

Most companies today develop their own AI-based chatbots. Not only do they look good, they raise millions from investors; potential economic advantage is a large driver of the current trend for chatbots.

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They talk about my projects

TechCrunch Product Hunt Bloomberg Forbes Nouvo RTS 20 Minutes Venture Beat Jeux video Y Combinator The Economist GHI Tribune de Genève Zapier and more... / Chatfuel

First known as Paquebot, then acquired and rebranded as Chatfuel. Create chatbots to engage with your audience on Telegram, without code.

  • 12M subscribers
  • 70M messages/day
  • 11 languages


The tailored agenda that consider that people can have different moods. Also the most complete database for local events.

  • 2 cities
  • 60K events
  • 5K users/month

Give your chatbots the page they deserve — in seconds. Presentation of bots with a cool address, ideal for tools deployed on multiple messengers.

Work in progress

One api to rule all the messengers — with smooth UI. Create chatbots with real navigation on a central and completely neutral platform

Work in progress

Sans Sursis

Browser game - only in french - inspired by Prison Break. The game mechanisms made some people play for years.

  • 30K members
  • 100M page view
  • 12% bounce rate

Busted App

Crowd-sourced alerts in public transports. 3% of the local population installed the app in few months.

  • 2 cities
  • 33K installs

I can answer in 🇨🇭 French or 🇦🇺 English.